Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope everyone has had a good Easter. We have had a pretty good Easter. Stan got sick last night. He has been battling allergies all week and started running fever last night. My allergies have also been bad and that resulted in a migraine today.

Yesterday, we had a great day. Stan's sister, Emily came over with Jacob and Grace. My brother came with his wife and 5 kids. They were late, but they always are. It was such a beautiful day yesterday. We did an Easter Egg hunt in our back yard. Here are a few layouts I did with the pictures from yesterday and today. I used the kit, Easter, by Aimee Suarez. This is such a cute kit. I have lots more pictures to scrap, so I'll have more later.

I also stopped in at The Digichick yesterday and picked up a few of Darcy's fonts. I used her font Tabitha Script for these layouts. I love using handwritting fonts. I loved so many of her fonts. I had a hard time deciding on which font to get.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Sale

I am having an Easter sale for the entire week at Scrapper's Zone. Everything is 40% off. I am working on getting an Easter mini kit done and in the store. If I can stay healthy long enough to get it done, it would sure help.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Family posts

I have had a few people ask me why I don't post about my family. I have made a family blog. I figured most of the digi world didn't want to hear about my family and my family didn't want to sift through all of the digi stuff to find family updates.

If you want to read about my family, you can find my family and personal blog here- .

Monday, March 10, 2008

A new store

I have been asked to sell in a new store. I know I said it was the last one when I signed up at Make it Scrappy. SummerStorm sent me an email recently and asked me to be a part of their site. I was really concerned that another store would be too much for me. I explained to them about my MS and that sometimes it causes me to be MIA so I can take care of myself. They were ok with allowing me to do what I could and understood that there may be times I am out of commission. So, having said that, I am the newest designer at Kristen's Scrap Trunk. I will be running the "This and That" challenge at KST, just like at SZ and MIS. I hope some of you will join in the challenge. In celebration of this new store, everything in my store at KST is 30% off for 1 week. I hope to see you there. I look forward to getting to know everyone on the forums there.

Scrapper's Zone is going to be having a monthly BINGO game. Many of the designers are giving away items for getting different types of BINGO. I will be giving away a set of photo corners that will match the other Froot Loop parts I have made. I will also be making an alpha as the Brainteaser prize at both SZ and MIS. If you participate in everything, you could end up with a pretty big kit.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thank you Ikea Goddess

Yesterday, I checked my 4shared account. I am not a well known designer by any stretch of the imagination. I was shocked to see that my paper freebie had been downloaded over 400 times. I was shocked. I usually only get between 100 and 200 downloads. I posted my notices in all of the same places. Today, I was doing some surfing and discovered why my freebie had been downloaded so many times. My freebie was on Ikea goddesses blog. I have been so busy this week that I barely had time to give my blog any attention. Thank you so much Ikea Goddess for putting my freebie on your blog. I don't know if you realize this or not, but you make a huge difference for us designers, especially newbies. The other thing I have always appreciated was the service you do for all of us scrappers. There was a time when I had NO money to spend on digital supplies and I didn't know how to make my own. I visited your blog daily and downloaded designers freebies. Downloading all of those freebies allowed me to pursue a hobby that would have otherwise been out of reach for me. So, I have an award for Ikea Goddess. YOU ROCK!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Matching flower pack

I have made a flower pack that matches the paper pack below. You are going to have to work a little for this one though. This flower pack is the challenge prize for my This and That challenge at Make it Scrappy and Scrapper's Zone.

Here is the challenge: Before digital cameras, most people took 1 photo, maybe 2 and just hoped and prayed it turned out good. I remember getting my photos back from the developer and thinking "Dang, it didn't turn out like I wanted". That just doesn't happen as much any more. How many times have you taken pictures over and over trying to get it perfect? I do it all the time. My boys insure that. They love to make funny faces while I try to take their pictures. So, this challenge is not about scrapping those perfect pictures. We all do that anyway. This challenge is to scrap all of those not so perfect photos that you got in an attempt to get the perfect photo.
Here is my LO for the challenge. My boys have given me lots of not so perfect pictures to scrap. They love to watch my finger carefully as I take pictures. When they see me depress the button, they make faces. In this LO below, Jeremy was smiling so nicely when I started to take the picture. As you can see, that changed really fast.

Credits: My Favorite Boy by Jill D-Zines at Gotta Pixel.