Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Birthday Celebration

My family has so many birthdays in September. My BIL had a birthday on
the 6th, my daughter's best friend (she is like my adopted daughter)
had a birthday on the 5th. My niece had a birthday on the 15th. My
birthday is coming up on the 23rd. Lastly, my son Andrew, has a
birthday on the 29th. With all of those birthdays, I decided I would
have a birthday sale. This sale is going on in all of my stores.
Everything will be 50% off starting the 15th and ending the 30th of

digiheaven_birthdaysale.jpg picture by digiheaven

One of my fellow designers at Scraphead, Cassel, has a bunch of new PSP scripts in her store.  She even has a free one available for you to try out.  I don't use PSP, so I can't say anything about them personally, but they look great.

ad-2008-09-08.jpg picture by digiheaven

Last, but not least,  I have a gift for you.  It has been quite a while since I have had a freebie.  I'm sorry.  Truth is, I haven't been able to get much designing done at all the past few months.  I have been focusing on my family and my health.  I did start this kit during the Olympics.  I got a few papers done and some flowers and ribbons.  I also made gold, silver and bronze metals, but then I got busy and didn't finish it.  I feel a little silly putting an Olympic kit in the store when the Olympics have been over for almost a  month.  So, I am going to give away the papers I made for this kit.  I hope you enjoy them.  Maybe I'll give away the elements I have made at a later date.

digiheaven_olympic_preview.jpg picture by digiheaven

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Patriot Day chat and sale

I know it has been a while since I have blogged. Things have been busy in my real life. I haven't had much time to do anything with designing lately. I have been trying to get school work going consistently with the kids lately. My teenage daughter got her learners permit yesterday, so we will start the driving part of driver's ed soon. It is a scary thought, but I am excited for her. She is pretty responsible, but she can be a little scatter brained at times. I have told her she is forbidden to talk on the phone while she is driving until she is at least 18. The State of Texas backed me up. We learned last week that it is illegal for teenagers to drive and talk on the phone.

Now for a little bit of designing news. At Groovy Scraps, we are having a sale. We are calling it Patriot day. This sale is on anything patriotic. The sales is for today and tomorrow. All patriotic kits are 50% off. My Military Girl kit is on sale 50% off. We are also going to have a chat tonight. There will be lots of freebies to be given away at the chat. We hope you can join us. The chat room is here.

At Scraphead, our daily download is all about coupons. Todays download is a coupon for my Oak Iceshimmer kit for free. Check out Scraphead's daily download forum to find all of the great coupons. Coupons are only available for a single day, so check back every day to find new coupons. You can get some great free kits and some great discounts also.